Before/aftter CrossFit Peoria & Paleo
Before/aftter CrossFit Peoria & Paleo

Before joining CrossFit Peoria in January 2013, I thought I was in the best physical shape of my adult life.  Over the previous 14 months, I completed five marathons and more half marathons than I could remember.  I weighed 138 lbs, frequently woke up with sore joints, consistently skipped meals, ate anything I wanted, and was mentally over running 30 miles per week.  I needed a change of pace and–thankfully–I found CrossFit!

I heard all about CrossFit from a friend in Chicago.  It was literally all he ever talked about.  I found it annoying and always tried to change the subject.  I couldn’t understand how something like this could take over someone’s life, but I soon discovered why.

In February, I started to see subtle results whenever I looked in the mirror, and, by March, my close friends began to notice what I saw a month earlier.  By April, my coworkers began to notice and in May, it was apparent to everyone in my life that I was doing something differently.  Whenever I look in the mirror, I’m amazed at the physical transformation I have made since starting CrossFit and frequently discover new muscles I didn’t know I had. People really are “getting fitter than ever, faster than ever.”

I feel that I owe a large portion of my success to mindful food choices.  Like many other CrossFitters, I incorporated the Paleo Diet (most of the time) in my life in mid-February and today, I feel healthier than ever. It was difficult to implement, especially as a Registered Nurse in the Emergency Department (12 hour shifts, frequent potlucks, and occasional shifts without a break).  I found that iPad apps (Nom Nom Paleo), health conscious blogs (100 Days of Real Food), and “It Starts with Food”, by Dallas & Melissa Hartwig, helped to keep me on track with my health & fitness goals, in addition to making meal prep quick & simple.

I have shared my entire CrossFit transformation on Instagram (@imaplummer) and discovered a massive community of CrossFitters of all shapes and sizes.  Watching them transform as quickly as I have pushes me to always put in 110%. Throughout my transformation, I have become the friend that always talks about CrossFit. Everyone that knows me knows what CrossFit is all about.

What I love most about CrossFit is the camaraderie that I’ve formed with the other members of CrossFit Peoria.  My only regret is not taking official “before” photos.

Nathan and the entire CrossFit Peoria family have radically changed my life in 2013. I am currently 165 lbs and am getting closer to my goal weight of 180 lbs.  I feel so strongly about CrossFit that I drive from Galesburg three days a week. If you are bored with your current exercise regime or are looking to change you life dramatically, join CrossFit Peoria!

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